We reminisce about the times in our lives that were most joyous. These
times are perfect in our memories and define who we are.

U Photography can freeze these moments in time, when everything was
perfect. It is only these frozen moments in time that give us a chance to
relive and to see ourselves in full light, to put everything in perspective
and to share ourselves with generations to come. We don’t just take
pictures… we freeze moments in time, would you just trust anyone with
your moments in time?

Kenji’s  Beginnings: Years ago my father gave me his old Canon camera from when he was my age. I decided to take it to my friend’s wedding. At the wedding I couldn’t put the camera down! It was too much fun! A new part of me was born and I was addicted to photography ever since.

Kenji’s Philosophy: If I told you that there is something that can stop time and capture everything that happened, you would think I was crazy! But thats what photography is! It stops a moment in time and records all the emotions and happenings in a split second. I am very passionate about taking pictures that tell a story where you can feel the emotion from the images. If one day I lose this passion then I will stop taking pictures, because then it wouldn’t be photography without it.

For Hire: Digital age has changed the face of photography. Everyone knows someone in the family that takes pictures because technology has made it so easy to get into photography now, because of this I found it beneficial to team up with other photographers and studios to keep evolving and stay strong in this art. I work for Glow Studio, Glow Academy, Digital Imprints and Trigger Happy Photography as well, so don’t be confused that you see a bunch of other logos on this website. All photographs on this website are taken by me, unless otherwise specified.

Digital Imprints: Met Ken online in 05′ on a wedding forum website. He needed a second photographer to shoot weddings with him. I was new to the game and he took me under his wing. Everything I know about wedding photography I owe to Ken!

Glow Studio / Glow Academy: Met Naz in 07′ when my old classmate from university needed someone to take pictures for Naz who was starting up Glow Studio. Ever since then I’ve been shooting for Glow, growing together.

Trigger Happy Photography:  Met Kenneth in 09′ through another friend from university, he started taking pictures and learned so fast how to take pictures it really impressed me! His passion for photography goes deep and drives him to excel! We shoot weddings occasionally.