Laura + Chris

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Finally the first wedding of 2011 for me! This is Ken’s gig from Trigger Happy Photography. We often shoot together and help each other out! Ken is a great and fun person to work with!

We’ve been having a poor spring so far! Snowing in April really!?!! Anyways… April 23rd rolls around and I get to shoot this fun couple Laura and Chris. The day starts off gloomy with grey skies and a bit of rain, but by the afternoon it all cleared up and the sun was shining! We were able to get some awesome pictures that day! Laura and Chris really lucked out!

We got to shoot at Knox College at University of Toronto. That place is very beautiful with old castle like features and stain glass windows. It offers some awesome lighting!

I was happy to learn that the reception was at the famous Eglinton Theater! Its this old theater that they turned into a reception hall! I’ve always wanted to shoot there and finally got to after all these years of waiting for a couple to do their reception there! Its cool that they put Laura’s and Chris’s names on the board.

Congratulations Laura and Chris! Thanks again for letting us shoot your wedding!