Sci-fi Engagement!

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I met Dominique in university from a friend. Years later she contacts me asking if I would shoot her wedding in Dominican Republic! I totally said hell yeah! Dominique is cool because she didn’t want the usual romantic engagement photoshoot, instead she had this idea of doing a comic strip with her and her fiance Danny. Since Danny was into Star Wars and Star Trek, she wanted to dress up and do an engagement with those themes. We ended up doing it over the course of a month and in 3 separate days. Day 1 was them mugging a guy and breaking into a car. Day 2 was Star Trek at badlands up north and Day 3 was Star Wars at UTM.I had a blast taking the pictures, it was nice doing something different from the usual engagements. Anyways enough typing, I’m excited about going to Dominican in Dec!

  • Date: November 27, 2010
  • Client: Dominique & Daniel
  • Filed under: ENGAGEMENTS